Friday, May 31, 2019

Kolkata College Admission Form Permits You to Pick ‘Humanity’ as Religion

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Kolkata College Admission Form Permits You to Pick ‘Humanity’ as Religion

If you reside in India, you will need to fill up diverse forms over and over again. The forms may vary from college application forms, Government application forms, bank forms, forms to get a consent for anything, and lots others. The majority of these forms accompany a precondition compulsory series of queries.

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“Enter your full name.”

“Enter your date of birth.”

“Enter your nationality.”

So far so good, right?

“Enter your religion.”

Well, in this nation, you don’t get to select your personal religion, the similar manner you can’t opt your ethnic group or family. However what if you do not follow any religion?

In the majority of the forms, which we are required to fill up, the choices are limited to major religions such as Sikhism, ‘Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity,’ or clubbed beneath the communal word – ‘Others.’

But, a Calcutta University college has made up its minds to finish off this varied bludgeoning of diverse religion collectively and set u ‘Humanity’ as a choice for all individuals who feel constrained by the incomplete choices.

The new admission form of Bethune College in Calcutta includes ‘Humanity’ as a religion option for students to chose…

Gepostet von Shamik Bag am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

Bethune College in the city of Kolkata has taken this big and praiseworthy step in its undergraduate admission procedure, which got started from May 27 for the new session this year. In the form for admission, the choice to put in your religion now incorporates an option called ‘Humanity.’

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Mamata Ray, principal of Bethune College revealed, “We have realised that some students are reluctant to mentioning their religion in the admission form. We appreciate their views as we feel that ‘Humanity’ is the true religion of mankind. So we have deliberately kept this category in the religion section . It was an unanimous decision on the part of our admission committee.”

This big and special step taken by the college moving in the direction of a more ‘humanitarian’ approach is witnessed as a greeting move by pupils.

“We still have so much to be proud of, and someday, there might not be a column on religion at all,” wrote a user on Facebook.

Bethune College was set up during the year 1879 and acknowledged formerly as Hindu female school, is the primary women’s College in Asia recognized by NAAC-Grade A.

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 31 May 2019

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