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Mt. Everest Is Getting Crowded And This Picture Showing Trekkers Waiting To Summit Will Prove It

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Mt. Everest Is Getting Crowded And This Picture Showing Trekkers Waiting To Summit Will Prove It

We all have now become habitual of the traffic jams that takes place during our daily commute, but what if we tell you that there is a similar situation building on the on the world’s highest peak.

Yes, you read that right. A picture is going viral on the internet where trekkers are seen waiting in a queue on the edge of Mount Everest. The picture has left stunned people all across the world. The picture showed a number of trekkers walking on the cliff to fulfill the dream of climbing the summit. The route was jammed because almost 200-300 people while walking up to the summit. They need to climb three more hours to fulfill their dreams. The picture was shared by British mountaineer Nirmal Purja on Instagram and ever since, it has garnered attention of people on the app and also across the world.

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On 22 nd of May, I summited everest at 5:30 am and lhotse 3:45 pm despite of the heavy traffic ( roughly 320 people ). Today I have just arrived at the Makalu base camp, I will be going for the summit push from the base camp directly. . Like it, tag it and share it if you love how the project possible 14/7 is rolling 🤙🏼 . I will update more once I’m done with Makalu . Much love to all my supporters and sponsors. @antmiddleton @bremontwatches , DIGI2AL, @hamasteel , @summitoxygen Royal Hotel, Ad construction group, MTC/FSI , @brandingscience Premier Insurance, OMNIRISC, Intergage @inmarsatglobal . . . . #nimsdai #believer #uksf #sbs🐸 #projectpossible #14peaks7months #persistence #humanendeavour #selfbelief #positivemindset #beliveinyourself #elitehimalayanadventures #alwaysalittlehigher

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The picture also started a debate on social media platforms about ‘traffic jam’ on the highest peak of the world. We might have thought that Mt. Everest is a calm place, but this picture have changed our perception. People are also discussing the concerns regarding the safety of people during such journeys. Some reports have already suggested that seven climbers have died while climbing the summit this week and the names include three Indians.

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. Within 48 hrs, I have summited summited of 3x higher 8000m mountains Everest, Lhotse and Makalu; breaking my own previous record of 5 days. ) yet I still have no sponsorship for the second phase, any help would be highly appreciated ( plz no false hopes ) . . How could I fail my friends? . 1. I represent the best tier 1 unit in the World – United Kingdom’s Special Forces / Special Boat Service #sbs🐸 2. I represent the bravest of the brave – the Gurkhas 3. I was born in a poor family in a very remote area of Nepal but with the aim, dream and vision along side hard work, determination and the positive mindset, I have gone from village boy to British tier 1 special forces.I represent those who hasn’t got the opportunity but willing to create one . 4. I represent the both Nepal and United Kingdom 5. I represent my Sherpa brothers who has been the frontier of 8000ers since day 1. 6. I represent those who put everything towards their vision and keep digging for it; despite what others has to say. 7. I’m also a bread earner for my mum and dad who are in a very poor heath state, I know I got be back .They gave up their future savings and everything for my education and who I am today is because of them. Now they can’t work anymore, it’s my duty now to look after them . Hence I will have to survive anything. . In all respect, I represent the positiveness and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. #nopressure 🤙🏼. . “Everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset – “Nirmal Purja MBE” . . Stay updated for more speed World records and story 🙌🏽🙏 . . . 📸 @brittmumma #nimsdai #believer #uksf #sbs🐸 #projectpossible #14peaks7months #annapurna19 #gurkhas #sherpas #persistence #nolimits #humanendeavour #limitless #selfbelief #patron #determination #positivemindset #beliveinyourself #hamasteel #digi2al #antmiddleton #summitoxygen #inmarsat #blackdiamond #everence #bremont #visitnepal2020 #elitehimalayanadventures #alwaysalittlehigher

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What makes an extreme high altitude mountaineer, extreme solo climber, high altitude expert, leader and guide ? Myself and @mingma_david_sherpa were dropped at Kanchenjunga base camp at 11am (14th May). We went for the summit push directly from the base camp at 13:00 that same day. With 5 sleep deprived days and battered by the weather summiting Dhaulagiri, we still made it to the summit of Kanchenjunga on 15 May 11:19. Whilst descending we met an Indian climber (Biplop) at 8450m with his guide; both had ran out of oxygen(O2) and needed rescuing. We gave them our spare O2 and started the rescue mission. We immediately requested for a back up team from camp 4, with extra O2 if possible. After descending 150m, we found another climber (Kuntal), who was left behind by his guide and his team. Both were clients of Peak Promotion. I gave him my own O2 and continued with the rescue mission. After descending a few more meters, our guide @gesmantamang then had to give his O2 away. So by 1430 all my team had given away our own O2 to the two climbers. If you can imagine how hard it is to operate a rescue mission at 8450m without O2. Every 15-20 mins, I was on the radio asking for help with O2. I was told 3 Sherpa’s were coming up with O2, this never happened. I was told this every time I radioed asking. This seriously impacted my team and was a huge risk to life. @gesmantamang started developing mild HACE and his feet started to freeze. I sent him back down. By this point we had sadly lost Kuntal due to no back up with the extra O2. The wind started picking up, but we continued rescuing Biplop. Now the strongest Sherpa, I have ever known @mingma_david_sherpa appeared to be having HACE. We could not afford to have another casualty with NO HELP coming up so I sent Mingma down. Leaving just Dawa and myself with NO O2 performing the rescue. There were many climbers, approx 50 on Kanchenjunga this season. Both life could have been saved if someone from that many climbers had dared to help. The Project Possible team needed help to save lives but got none. So my question on the top remains unanswered ? #rescue #kachenjunga19 #projectpossible #humanity

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One of the Twitter users wrote, “This is actually heartbreaking to see, there needs to be a limit not just for the beauty and respect of Everest but for the safety of those wanting to do it.”

We pray for the safety of the climbers and wish that the issue is resolved soon.

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 25 May 2019

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